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Balanced Daylighting

Kalwall fills spaces with well-blended, natural daylight with the help of millions of prismatic glass fibers embedded in our panel's translucent face sheets.  These prisms refract sunlight to provide a balanced, diffuse wash of glare-free, usable light, deep within spaces.  Kalwall provides full spectrum, natural visible light, without distorting color rendition.  Colors are fully saturated and bold within Kalwall spaces, often referred to as museum-quality daylighting. 

Thermal Performance

Kalwall is highly insulating and offers unrivaled Solar Heat Gain Control (SHGC). 

Kalwall reduces heating and cooling loads by controlling solar heat gain to deliver significant energy savings while creating more balanced and comfortable spaces.  During the manufacturing process, panels are fitted with translucent insulation (TI) including the revolutionary Kalwall+ Lumira aerogel's .05 U-value (R-20). Optional thermally broken panel grid-cores yield the ultimate in energy performance and condensation resistance.  U-factors range from our standard .29 with options from .53 to .05. Unlike gas-filled technology, which eventually leaks out, Kalwall's highly insulating properties remain constant. 

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